Modern Banking and Jamstack

Building products from the ground up has been part of our R&D strategy for 5 years. Our Factory strives to be a reference in terms of processes and technologies - fostering an environment where intellectual property swiftly transforms into market-leading solutions.


Bringing the composable mindset to Banking.

Hyperconnected consumers ask for a seamless experience: supporting all of the interaction and channels needed, with tailored insights, services and products.
Having worked for and with established players to reinvent themselves, we are building Bounce to be fast and flexible, and ultimately to deliver next-generation P2P payments.

Bounce is an end-to-end composable App that can easily grow in terms of features (rapid test and launch), capacities (extensible layer of digital infrastructure) and end-to-end network intelligence - powering the future of mobile payments.


Delivering modern Jamstack websites effortlessly.

As a recent yet dominating approach, developing Jamstack websites comes with its own set of challenges. As a development toolset, BaseJump enables teams to rapidly build Jamstack Websites with all the best practices in mind. Developers will feel right at home with a modern tooling: Typescript codebase, built-in components library based on Chakra UI, Next.js ready deployment, integrations to many popular third-party solutions, multiple environments support, automatic SEO best practices set-up, code scaffolding, linting, code formatting and more.

Even though BaseJump greatly accelerates the development of Jamstack experiences, Trampoline has also thought this product to provide developers the required tools to easily answer business-oriented use cases: integrations to third-party analytics solutions, customizable and easy-to-use page/content editing, live preview of websites, schedule page/content changes, etc. Working on this for the last 2 years, this is our contribution to the ever-increasing Jamstack ecosystem.

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