Trampoline team

Who are we?

Trampoline is a team of technology enthusiasts coming from multiple professional contexts: Art & Museums, Design Agencies, SaaS products, Consultancy and Corporate Venturing, as well as various cultural backgrounds where we have all strived facing different missions.

Under the leadership of Ariane, Guillaume and Alex, Trampoline capitalized on its research and development to organically grow as an efficient multidisciplinary team of doers and forward-thinkers, building what is considered modern products.

Before we dive into any project, we make sure we can bring the right approach, as we aim to build things with efficiency and quality.

You can find us building NFTs with contemporary painters, assessing, organizing, planning digital initiatives with large enterprise CMOs and CIOs, creating fintechs Apps for Banks or for our Factory, empowering luxury hospitality brands to grow, but also participate in what is believed as the future of e-commerce through Jamstack websites and composable commerce platforms.

We are a small team valued for our pragmatic yet professional approach and we strive with good energy.

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Building Together

Building together embodies our philosophy of seeking real-time adjustments to building a prime tech team. We count on multiple expertise with a precise collaboration to align themselves around visions, share solutions and bring smooth execution. Collaboration and team well-being are the pillars we value the most when building complex products.


Trampoline stands out for the spirit of authenticity that reigns within its team. Each project is shaped particularly, thanks to the unique experiences of our crew that allow us to exploit their disruptive mindsets and take a different look at your ideas.

Meet our crew

Alexandre Boucher

I engineer modern products

Ariane Durand

I transform businesses

Guillaume Brovelli

I model disruptive architecture

Flavio Chan

I design digital experiences

Joanna Nguyen

I build immersive designs

Peter Liu

I code on the latest technologies

Aya Sato

I create Jamstack websites

Robyn Van Gool

I build full-stack solutions

Philippe Tremblay

I engineer modern infrastructures


I support strategic analysis and create digital assets


I craft robust platforms

Sandrine Hudon

I write engaging content

Maude Guillemette

I oversee artistic direction

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