We are a venture studio for organizations and entrepreneurs .

Building MACH Products

Trampoline is a digital studio seamlessly combining strategy, design and development expertise. Through our entrepreneurial agility and continuous R&D, we fast-track the development of Jamstack and API-first products. Our team is specialized in building modular and headless experiences with a strong emphasis on scalability and reusability. Our products are non-binding and fit in the global eco-system of cloud-native products. Like a puzzle, we assemble modern technologies in a solid foundation to offer stunning customer experiences, launch complex products and build highly innovative businesses.

Our Approach

Modern Technologies we Leverage

commercetools - Sanity - Next.js - Google Cloud - Amazon Web Services - Algolia - Shopify - Mixpanel - Postgres - Mews - Segment - Sendgrid - Auth0 - ElasticSearch - MongoDB - Sentry -

Our vision

Human + Tech

We aim to create impactful products by applying humanity to scalable technologies - for us, true innovation is the union of both.

Share your idea

We reflect into your business like it's our own - advising on the global strategy, selecting only the best adapted tech and crafting impactful products. Our crew of doers with only high caliber designers and full-stack developers working as a team, get involved in a way that brings the most impact to your organization and can handle any complex technical challenge.

Make an Impact

We have been working with large enterprises and entrepreneurs around the world to structure their digital initiatives, set up product teams and transform their technological infrastructure. From ideation to training teams on new solutions, we collaborate with clients and partners to craft modern applications that can hit the market rapidly but easily scale towards your vision.

Build it right

We get it done right and fast. We have everything to rapidly launch successful products that your team can grow and scale. From listing functional and tech requirements, modeling the architecture around cloud-native technologies, to leveraging rapid and iterative design methodologies to building products with the highest code quality.

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