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A person writing on his computerA person writing on his computer


October 2022 — 3 min read


Each company and each brand must have its own identity. This notably involves the visual identity and the way it is presented in writing. This last element corresponds to what we call copywriting.

Copywriting, what is it?

Copywriting encompasses everything related to writing for a company from a marketing point of view. The importance is to clearly identify your persona in order to use an appropriate angle of persuasion that interests your customers and leads them to taking the desired action. Copywriting can be found on a brand or company's website, on social networks, in advertising, on a product packaging, in emails, etc. Several strategies can be used, depending on the objective and the media used.

Why should you invest in quality copywriting?

Although it is an aspect often overlooked or underestimated by brands, good copywriting allows you to increase your sales, convince your customers, foster the commitment of your community, set you apart from others, etc. The reasons are many and you will see a difference quickly. Copywriting is an integral part of your brand image.

To have an effective copywriting, you must first make sure that you know your brand and your products well, your customers or the customers you want to reach, your positioning in the market, what sets you apart, what you wish to offer, etc.

How do you find copywriting at Trampoline?

At Trampoline, copywriting is present during all our creative activities. We make sure to find the words and formulations that correspond to the identity of the brands and companies with which we collaborate. It is important to us that each of our digital creations be unique and personalized, down to the smallest details. For example, through the creation of a website, copywriting is found everywhere: from the longest texts to action buttons (call to action).

Ten essential tips

  1. Be concise
    Be sure to be clear and direct in your message: less is more
  2. Tell the truth
    Be honest and don't exaggerate the merits of the company or product.
  3. Talk about what you offer
    Don't dwell on your accomplishments; instead talk about the difference you will make to someone.
  4. Be active
    Ditch the passive sentences! Prefer active sentences that are more engaging.
  5. Stay yourself
    Stay authentic to enable greater engagement
  6. Adopt a confident tone
    Be sure of yourself, while being warm and relaxed.
  7. Encourage intrigue
    Be intriguing by offering titles in the form of questions that generate interest.
  8. Tell stories
    Stay accessible to your audience by adopting a welcoming and caring tone while teaching something to the consumer.
  9. Target your personas
    Address your audience directly to grab its attention.

In short, it is essential to allocate thought and time to the copywriting you will use in order to clearly understand the approach you want to adopt as a brand. Remember that often, it is the details that make all the difference!

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