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October 2022 — 6 min read

Our Approach

At Trampoline, we build scalable products based on modern architecture and technologies while following high-velocity product team methodologies.

Our approach is designed so that each step is essential to the democratization of what we believe is the organizational model of tomorrow. After grasping the maturity of the organization and aligning on the vision, we come up with a precise plan of activities and deliverables, budget and timeline.

As a first block of key strategic workshops, we’d understand the targeted cohorts of persona with their current and future behaviours and journeys, and prioritize the requirements list and architectures of the MVP and the Vision. Then, an OPEX budget of technologies and product scoping will serve as a precise plan for our next design and development activities.

From business strategy, transformation roadmaps, product & architecture scoping, to designing flows and building software ecosystems, we implement mechanisms to validate and iterate on a weekly basis with our client on this future vision.

Impact and differentiators

We have been perfecting our skills in orchestrating companies’ wide digital transformation programs, restructuring and aligning organizational stakeholders and digital units as well as actually building cutting-edge foundations based on MACH* principles (that are more detailed in the technical section below).

Our main objective is to advise organizations like it would be our own innovative company, simplifying digital transformation scenarios to grasp the challenges of growing your business around a new modern foundation while delivering amazing experiences and products.

Besides building experiences and infrastructure on best-of-breed technologies, we tend to move away from the habit of being hooked to your tech partner for the rest of your life. The end goal is to create autonomy amongst all the teams and expertise involved in running your digital initiatives.

We also argue in favour of taking the time to do all the steps required to launch great products rather than going after quick short-term results.

When the technique meets the strategy

We build our product using a modular and flexible architecture and a Jamstack web building approach. By building Jamstack sites, we can abstract the so-called front-end experience to create a UX without limitation or performance impact, from the so-called back-end technologies. On the back-end side, we can recommend the best technological solutions that will meet your needs of today (MVP) and to which the functionalities of tomorrow can easily be added (vision). Although more complex to create, this allows you to integrate new elements over time and launch new experiences without the need to replatform everything. All of the technologies we work with are cloud-built, API-first, and deliver the highest quality levels of performance and security.

Our contribution to this modern world

Our team is continuously developing software tools to improve and facilitate the crafting of digital products and services. Our way of doing things is reflected by the architecture of the tools we create. From idea to launch, we build capabilities that work well together and set the future foundation for innovation and productivity. Most of what we leverage or build upon are cloud-native, API-first technologies. Modular architecture is speeding up development, facilitating the integration of specific tools and technologies, reducing the time spent on just maintenance and opening up the possibilities to build custom flows and Apps that reflect your reality.

As you may have read on our Digital Agency page, we have a 4 step approach: Strategy, Design, Development and Operations. Those 4 steps are keys as they help us gain alignement within the different team expertise and with our clients. However, let’s detail those steps into another layer of details:


  • Our 3 W's: Define 1) what are the main objectives/opportunities/challenges 2) who are the persona(s) and customer journeys, 3) why this digital transformation, what are the next steps and what’s the vision
  • Requirements: Envision the future and list all the functional as well as technical requirements, and prioritize them.
  • Architecture: Based on the requirements and existing systems, design the MVP target architecture and the long-term one. Select the building blocks to build an incremental tech stack that can easily evolve.


  • Creation: Align the future of your brand with the new experiences, structure the information architecture, create the wireframes and mock-ups, enrich it with editorial direction (copywriting).
  • Test: Build a clickable prototype and run user tests with participants representing your personas. Iterate easily based on learnings and incorporate UI assets.


  • Code: Develop the first product on its new foundation using agile methodology; fast-paced sprints that will deliver value early.
  • Test: Exhaustively test the solution to make sure it works as expected. Iterate.
  • Launch: Build a launch and marketing strategy to ensure traction and adoption by all the clients : internally and externally.


  • Train: Change management is key to success. Train all the stakeholders impacted by the digital transformation. Build a digital team and equip them with guides to autonomously operate the products.
  • Evolution: Make your new MACH foundation grow around existing and new systems (ERP, OMS, PMS, CRM, Personalization engine, etc.), in addition to improving all the products that are based on it (new features, new app for employees, etc.)

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